About Me

I'm an Australian living in Quito, Ecuador with my wife. I love developing software products and helping startups and established companies solve problems for customers. I'm constantly learning new technology and keeping my skills up to date, through personal projects, mentoring and attending events.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife Lis, playing computer games, watching movies, travelling and eating good food.


Serverless Architectures

I worked in one of the world’s first fully serverless teams. We pioneered many of the best practices used today across the world via our Serverless Framework plugins as well as via the company blog at A Cloud Guru. We also gave lectures, workshops and demonstrations at the hugely successful Serverlessconf community conference which we ran around the world.

Building Software Solutions

Full stack developer and more. I’ve built on all layers of both traditional and microservice architectures. I have a wealth of AWS solutions architect and development experienced, having used over 80% of AWS product offerings in projects. I build software in my spare time for fun and love to learn new things. I have experience in a diverse set of languages including; C#, C/C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and Python; on Windows, Linux and Android.

Working in Teams

In my year and a half at Kiandra IT, I worked on many different project teams to deliver solutions to the company’s clients. The company implemented a strong mentoring system which allowed me to experience working in full software teams in the PM, BA, QA, UX and Developer roles. Kiandra has a strong Agile culture which I have had the opportunity to be fully immersed in whilst working there.

Customer Service

In all previous jobs I have worked in a strongly customer focused role. I have excellent people skills and a keen eye for detail which allows me to solve problems for customers and look beyond their frustrations, wants and desires to deliver them what they really need to solve their problem. I enjoy working with people and communicating as part of my job and love to work in strong coherent teams.


Current Position
Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

eNoteFile Services


Architecting software solutions Full-stack web application development Development of DevOps processes and tools Product roadmapping and feature planning

July 2016
Dec 2017
Software Engineer (Remote)

A Cloud Guru


Architecting Serverless AWS solutions Full-stack web application development Development of DevOps processes and tools Team training and developer onboarding

Feb 2015
Jun 2016
Support Software Developer

Kiandra IT


Software Support Software Development in .NET AWS solution design Software project consulting Presales engineering

Aug 2014
Aug 2015
Subject Tutor

Swinburne University of Technology


Tutoring introductory and second year C++ algorithms and data structures units Running tutorials of 20+ students Marking assignments and providing help/feedback to students


Oct 2017
Serverlessconf NYC (Organising team)

Serverless community conference

Apr 2017
Serverlessconf Austin (Organising team)

Serverless community conference

Nov 2016
AWS re:invent

Amazon Web Services Community Conference

Sep 2016
AWS Dev and Architect Day Melbourne

Local AWS community one day conference


Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) (Honours)

Swinburne University of Technology

Key Study Areas:
  • Software development in C/C++, C# .NET, and Javascript
  • Software project, and team management
  • Software architectures
  • Electronics and embedded software development
  • Programming real-time systems
Grade Point Average: 3.5